For people who aren’t still certain what a pen fishing pole is like, here is that the definition- A pen fishing pole could be a versatile and nevertheless effective version of a full-sized ancient fishing pole. Most of them simply match within a glove box or pocket. And whereas it reveal, it will transform a four feet long rod that is unimaginable.
In this age of quality, the advantages of getting an honest pen fishing rods area unit on the far side description. With this, {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} do each potential factor that an outsized rod can, however with 4-6 times smaller kit. what’s additional fun than that?

Docooler Mini Aluminum Pen Fishing Rod 

Saltwater Pen fishing pole
Here is our first greatest pen fishing pole, Docooler mini metal water fishing rig Pocket Pen fishing pole Pole + Reel. This product is convenient for regular fishing. In fact, the bizarre silver color of this product would catch your attention initially sight. Then, the high-quality materials created this Pen-sized fishing pole a lot of reliable.

SYL Pen Fishing Rods

Color: Black
Materials: metallic element alloy, fiberglass
Company: SYL Fishing
Weight: eight ounces
Gear Ratio: five.1:1
Special Quality: Left Right Interchangeable

While life-sized fishing tackle is uncomfortable and inconvenient for carrying, this Pen-sized fishing pole comes as a lifesaver for long distance fishing. you’ll gift it to your close to and pricey ones UN agency are largely fishing lover or collectors.

The fishing pole has metallic element alloy reel enclosed the rod. Here, you’ll notice reverse and forward ratchet stop. Again, you’ll alter drag management. you’ll attach the reel between a pair of grooves within the fishing pen body.

Meco 38 inch Mini Portable

When The budget is your primary concern, you’ll undergo our third excellent pen rod review once. Thus, the 38inch mini transportable Pocket Al Alloy rod may be the lowest rod. The attractive black color is capable of attracting you initially. Further, the rust-resistant Al alloy offers light-weight to the rod. Even the fresh pen rod comes with a good-quality material. to grasp a lot of checks the technical specification.

Technical Specification
Pen Fishing Rod:

Color: Golden
Materials: covering material, Al Alloy
Weight: fifty six g
Closed Length: twenty one cm
Extended Length: ninety five cm
Mini Baitcasting Gold Reel:

Material: Alluminum Alloy Brass
Length: 4.2 cm
Colour: Red, Yellow, Purple, Silver, Blue, Black
Length of the body: five cm(approx)
Dia: three cm(approx)
Weight: sixty eight g

#04 Lixada Fishing Rod Reel Combo Set

When you’re a fishing frenzy and a great admirer of new style and trends, you can consider this angular Lixada Pen Fishing Rod. It’s a touch of creativity and innovation, and you’re getting a variety of fun colors out of it. We’ve kept it in the 4th position in the list of the best pen fishing rods due to high tensile strength to stretch easily. For more to know have a look at the other features below.

Technical Specification:

Pen Fishing Rod

  • Material: fiberglass rod blanks + aluminum alloy pen
  • Closed length: 20.5 cm
  • Extended length: 99 cm
  • Net weight: 55 g
  • Colour: Purple / Blue / Black / Golden

Spinning Reel (Mini)

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Gear Ratio: 2.1:1
  • Body Length: 4.2 cm
  • Diameter: 2.7 cm
  • Net weight: 66 g
  • Capacity of Line: 10.18mm/60m;0.20mm/55m;0.25mm

Fishing Line

  • Diameter: 0.35 mm
  • Length: 25 m / 82 ft
  • Closed length: 8.66”/22cm
  • Package Size: 26 * 10.5 * 4cm / 10.2 * 4.1 * 1.6in
  • Net weight: 149g / 5.3oz


This portable pocket mini pen fishing rod is made up of aluminum alloy in the handle and fiberglass rod blanks. Different color of the mini fishing rods is available also.
You’ll love this combo set with a mini spinning reel. The reel is made up aluminum brass of hard hardness. Moreover, the gear ratio is 2.1:1. Again, you’re getting here the ratchet stop with forward and reverse manipulation. Thus, you can adjust drag control.

When the full-size fishing gear is difficult for carrying in the trekking, this pen-size rod comes as a blessing for your comfort. It’s portable, and you can easily keep it in your pocket.

This review ensures the compact and lightweight body of the pen rod. Thus, it fits properly in the backpack, briefcase, pocket and glove box, etc.

Since this is a mini pen fishing rod, it is easy to carry and use. No doubt it will help you to enjoy your holiday fishing.

This is a great option for a gift. You can easily gift it to kids, collectors or enthusiast. However, if you want to cast far, then it won’t be the suitable one for you. So you need to know your priority first.

#05 ActionEliters Portable Mini Pocket Pen Fishing Rod Pole Reel – Cool Gift

Now I am introducing you the Elemart mini pocket pen fishing rod pole reel which is standing in the 5th position in the list of the 10 pen fishing rods. It’s solid and rigid and strong rod which is the unique feature of this product. Besides, this is a nice backpacking setup for fishing which is fun to play with in real life. In addition, it has excellent features. For more to explore about this best pen fishing rod, you need to go through the review below.

Technical Specification:

Pen Rods

  • Material: Fiber glass (pole), aluminum alloy (pen)
  • Pen Weight: 55g
  • Pen Diameter: 15mm
  • Weight: 119g
  • Closed Length: 20cm
  • Extended Length: Approx 38″

Pen Fishing Reel

  • Reel Weight: 64g
  • Rolling Diameter: Approx.1.8′ (4.5cm)
  • Length of the body: 3.5inch (approx)
  • Body Diameter: Approx.1.1′ (2.7cm)

Tackle Box

  • Size:9.5″*4.7″*1.8″
  • 3 Grids, Removable dividers.


This light action pen rod is made up of with Fiber glass (pole) and aluminum alloy (pen). The pen rod holds its own against small trout and panfish. The combo comes with an excellent aluminum alloy reel that includes forward and reverse ratchet stop and drag control. The real is all metal and heavy duty.

The kit also includes- two baits, two fishhooks, two fishing-buoys and 20 meters fishing wire. Also, it has a survival magnesium fire starter compass whistle which is lightweight, safe, fireproof and damp-proof flint.)

Those who are the fishing frenzy and want to enjoy life, this full kit is going to be the best gift. This is a great tool for beginners or for kids to learn how to control a fishing pole. They won’t be catching any big fish but for learning this one is great.

Finally, this compact and easy to carry pen rod in the full kit. You can carry the box wherever you like for casual fishing. On the other hand, this is not for rough use. If you need for rough use, then you need to look for other product.

#06 Freehawk Mini Carbon Fiber Pen Fishing Rod

Now I’m about to introduce you Freehawk Mini Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pen Fishing Rod which is in 6th on our list. Very often, you realize that you find a product that is attractive enough but not user-friendly. Again, it might be strong but not sustainable. For this, you need to select on your on your demands. Eventually, this item from the list of the best pen fishing rods comes with both attractive design and durability.

Technical Specification

Pen Fishing Rod

  • Color: Available in 6 different colors (Red, Gold, Silver, Blue,Purple,Black)
  • Materials: Fiberglass, aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 65 g
  • Closed length: 21 cm
  • Extended length: 100cm / 39.4in

HIG 2000 Spinning Reel

  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Size: 1.1 * 1.7 inches (Dia * L)
  • Gear Ratio: 5.1:1
  • Length of Wheel: 10cm
  • Line Spooling Capacity: 0.17mm/130m; 0.20mm/110m
  • Line Length: 50m


Not to mention, it is tough to manage and carry a full-sized fishing rod. Thus, this small pen-shaped bar eliminates those unexpected problems. So, you should not worry about it as it can be kept even inside pockets of a bag, purse, etc. As you know that aluminum is corrosion resistant, no need to worry about rust.

The aluminum alloy makes shell looks beautiful, and won’t change color after you used it for a long time. Adopt the Carbon Fiber rod body, let it low weight. Thus, it is easy as well as collapsible. Again, the drum-shaped body hardly reveals that it’s a fishing rod. Furthermore, the length can be adjusted to your suitable one.

Overall, it’s an ideal Pen-sized fishing rod for the beginner and collectors. Thus, the fishing rod provides a reel of brass. Again, before use, you need to attach it to the pole. Even the device comes with a pen-like cap. If the features satisfy your need, you can order without delay.

#07 Kids Fishing Pole – Best Fishing Pole For Beginners

Standing in the 7th position, this mini pen rod is a great product for treks. Besides, if you want to offer a gift pack, this rod and reel combo is going to be a perfect one for consideration. For more to know about one of the quality pen fishing rods look at the features below.

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Technical Specification:

Pen Rod:

  • Material: High-Grade Fiberglass
  • Closed Length: 8.1″
  • Extended Length: 55″

Flyfishing Reel:

  • Material: Aluminium (High Grade)
  • Gear Ratio: 1:1


This is a telescopic mini pen fishing rod made up of high-grade carbon fiber. Each tube in the rod has a Titanium ring with ceramic inserts. Thus, it reduces friction and ensures smooth fishing line. While it’s avoiding friction, you can use it for a longer time, and the rod will not decay after long use. It has a longer lifespan.

This rod is sturdy, and you can catch fish without breaking it. Thus, you’ll fall in love with this cool little pole.

The reel of the pen rod is micro size and compact. Thus, it’s easy to carry while going for fishing. The reel is durable too. Thus, once you purchase it, you don’t need to worry for a long time.

This is not a toy rather a real mini fishing rod. Besides, the reel machined with aluminum make it ensures the quality of the reel.

If you love fishing or want to enjoy life, this rod and reel combo is going to be the perfect blessing for you. Other than rod and reel, the combo consists of floats, hooks, lines, lures, etc. Thus, it’s going to be a perfect gift for your near and dear one. This rod and reel combo is affordable, and you don’t need to waste a hard chunk of money for buying this product.

#08 Como Aluminum Alloy Mini Pen Fishing Rod Pole

The Aluminum Alloy Mini Pen Fishing Rod Pole w Spinning Reel Tackle Tool is the eighth item of our top-rated pen fishing rods. This product comes with a telescopic design. Also, it is very convenient to place and carry to the distant place. Again, the aluminum body keeps the surface rust free. So, if the head emerges in water whether fishing, it won’t rust.

Technical Specification

Pen fishing Rod

  • Color: Silver Color
  • Materials: Aluminium alloy.
  • Company : Como
  • Weight: 167g
  • Length: 20.1×1.8 cm
  • Extended length: 98×1.8 cm

Pen Fishing Reel

  • Material: Aluminium and plastic.
  • Rotate Speed Ratio:4:3:1
  • Line spool capacity: .17/130,.20/110,.23/90.(mm/m)


The brand has brought this package to the real collectors and fishing lovers. Again, it comes with five sections, and the gear ratio is 4:3:1 on the reel. Thus, it is portable and comfortable to store and fits in any tiny places quickly. As it is lightweight, it is very convenient to carry.

The pen fishing rod is collapsible and easy to extend and close. Thus, you need to pull the bar and set to the position that is perfect for that time. If you are not using it, close the pen and keep in your pocket simply. Further, the item comes with a reel that is made of aluminum too. Thus, the set is ideal for those whose hobby is fishing.

The reel comes with the wire, spun around it. So, you can tackle the distance by rolling it forward and reverse. For the angler, it could be the best choice. Again, it comes with a massive range of wire for better tackling. But if not handled carefully it might get snapped.

Finally, the pen fishing rod is fantastic for weekends and family trip. To the younger, it will be an excellent option to enjoy the moments. As it ensures quality fishing rod, you can think of it before buying.Shop now at

#09 Freehawk Portable Telescopic Mini Pen Fishing Rod – Lightweight and Compact

If you’re looking for a perfect little tiny pen fishing pole, then I want to focus on this Freehawk Telescopic Mini Pen Fishing Rod. Due to its compact and lightweight features, it came to the 9th position in the list of the 10 good pen fishing rods. It’s so tiny that it fits comfortably even in H2O pouch. If you want light fishing then, this pen fishing pole is going to be the ideal pick for you.

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Technical Specification:

Pen Fishing Rod

  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Weight: 65g
  • Closed length: 21cm /8.27in
  • Extended length: 100cm / 39.4in

HIG 2000 Spinning Reel

  • Material: Anodized Aluminum alloy
  • Wheel Length: 10cm
  • Gear Ratio: 5.1:1
  • Line Spooling Capacity: 0.20mm/110m; 0.17mm/130m; 0.23mm/90m


This telescopic mini pen rod is lightweight and compact which fits perfectly in the pocket, briefcase, glove box, and backpack. The portable design made it easy to carry the pen to any places while trekking. The operation of the pen rod is easy and convenient. Thus, you can draw off the fishing rod in the sections. The reel is detachable, and you need to attach it to the fishing rod while fishing.

When you’re an admirer of style and trend, this mini fishing rod is going to be the ideal one to use. This fishing rod is available in 5 colors. These are- blue, silver, black, gold and black. The length close length of the rod is 21 cm whereas the extended length is 1m.

The telescopic fishing rod consists of the ceramic eyelet. This detail can protect the fish line properly. It’s made of stainless steel ceramic and resembles pigtail coil.

This is one of the very good pen fishing rods which is a perfect gift to give to your near and dear one. You can do fishing from a dam, boat or on the ice. The enthusiast or collectors are definitely going to love this kind of gift. Finally, if you want to catch large size fish, then this pen rod is not suitable as it won’t be able to bear the heavy weight of the fish. This is not designed for catching large size fish.

#10 HDE Pocket Size Pen Shaped Collapsible Fishing Rod Pole and Spinning Reel Combo

If you are searching such pen fishing rod that would be collapsible and can be placed in the pocket quickly, our last product will be perfect for you. The HDE Pocket Size Pen Shaped Collapsible Fishing Rod comes to the customers with all these facilities. Thus, this pen fishing rod can be extended up to 3 ft and comes with a combo reel which is suitable for the regular fishing purpose.

Technical Specification

Pen Fishing Rod

  • Color: Silver
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Company: HDE
  • Weight: 7 oz.
  • Length: 8 inch
  • Extended length: 3.5 feet.

Fishing Reel:

  • Material: Aluminum alloy


Certainly, you will prefer such thing that weighs less and feels lighter even it is in your pocket. Thus, we’ve considered this option for you and brought this fishing rod which is made up of aluminum. Moreover, Aluminum is very light weighted material compared to other metals and also corrosion resistant. So, you won’t have to worry about whether it would oxidize or not. Again, to go fishing anytime in any weather this would be the best choice.

Going for a family trip to Riverside to enjoy the fresh air? Then, fishing will add extra amusement to make the trip more blissful. For this purpose, a portable, pen fishing rod will be a good family gift. Thus, you can close it only in 8 inches and extend to about three and a half feet long rod while fishing. Again, the pen fishing rod provides a reel of brass ensures high strength. Thus, it’s a combo of fisheries rod and spinning reel.

For those, whose hobby is fishing, can select this fishing rod undoubtedly. Even the versatile compact fishing rod is best for the fishermen. If you are a beginner in the fishery, you are probably a little bit afraid of it. To remove your this kind of fear and put the confidence a pen fishing rod is an excellent option. If you don’t take care of it and use abruptly, it may break down in some cases

Why is a Pen Fishing Rod Created?

Full-sized fishing rod is absolutely better than pen rod for fishing. There is no doubt in it. There can’t be any substitute for this full-sized fishing rod. But pen fishing rod is invented for easy portability. In addition, you can carry it in a bag, pocket or coat without any hassle and go for backpacking fishing.

Benefits of having a Pen Fishing Rods:

Pen fishing rod has left another option for us in fishing along with the basic fishing rod. There are various benefits you can get from the good pen fishing rods.

  • They’re lightweight and compact. Thus, you can bring them to any places easily and comfortably without any hassle.
  • As they’re compact so you can fit them properly in a pocket, briefcase or the backpack.
  • This miniature rod is a nice cute gift for the enthusiast or fellow fisherman. Besides, they’re easy to pack away and carry.
  • It’s like using a light tackle where you can cast and catch fish. This is for the one who loves light fishing.

Things to Know Before Buying The High-Quality Pen Fishing Rods:

When you’ve already got one of the solutions to use the best pen fishing rods for easy portability instead of a heavy full-sized fishing rod, you need to know more about which type is better to give you the perfection in fishing. You need to know which are going to satisfy you most out of thousands of variations in the market. Sometimes, you might end up purchasing the wrong mini fishing rod with lower quality which might get broken after 2-3 uses. Thus, we have got a solution for you to rethink before going to buy the top pen fishing rods:

  • Material and Length of the rod:

The mini fishing rod is made from fiberglass. It doesn’t get broken so easily rather requires some maintenance. Thus, these good pen fishing rods are perfect for the beginners.

On the other hand, the length of the pen fishing rod is 4 ft where the actual length of the basic fishing rod is 6 ft. So with the decrease in the length, the weight also decreases. The pen rod is lightweight and compact.

  • Variety in the reel design:

The fishing reel accommodates the fishing line on a spool. It’s important to check which type of reel is included with the fishing rod while buying. This is because if the reel is small in size, then you can detach it easily. Thus, both left handed and right handed people can use this rod for fishing.

  • Quality of the line

The fishing line comes with a spool with various length. This is mainly called 4-pound test line where the li9ne will be able to hold up to 4 pounds weighing fish without breaking the line. Hence, the strength of the line depends on this figure of the pound.

For the mini fishing rod, the approximate length of the line is 75 foot with breaking strength 5lbs and diameter 0.165mm. Thus, you can catch decent size fish.

Again, to understand the quality of the line few terms are used like- abrasion resistance, diameter and knot strength.

As the knot decreases the line strength, so many are marked with super knot strength. Moreover, the more it can stretch, the more strong the line is. Finally, for the expert angler to do fishing in the adverse weather or condition, adverse resistance is required. It means how resilient and tough the line is and can withstand the bad condition.

  • Variety of lures:

The fishing lure is to attract and lure the fish for catching. It’s an object attached at the end of the line. Moreover, you can see different types of lure on the basis of different uses and purpose in fishing. The lure is better compared to live bait as it would need over-harvesting of specific bait.

Some of the lures available are- jig covered with a plastic worm, spoon lures, plugs, surface lure, spinner bait, swimbait and artificial flies. Finally, the nature of these lures resembles with the name.

Mainly 4 types of the reel are available:

  • Spinning Reel: It is a popular type of reel which has the open design. Thus, it offers more control than spin-cast.
  • Spin-cast Reel: this is the reel for beginner anglers. Here, the line comes out, and for releasing the line, there is a button at the back.
  • Baitcast Reel: this type of reel is for the experienced anglers. This is the hardest reel where you need to manipulate the control of the spool.
  • Fly Reel: It is the basic reel which contains few moving parts.

Additional Tips To Know For The Best Pen Fishing Rods:

  • License for Fishing

You need a license for fishing in many places. You can ensure the fishing license from fishing or online shop easily. But for fishing, the license is not only the thing rather you need permission to fish in canal, river or lake.the landowner can only give you the permission for fishing. Only in the sea fishing, you don’t require the license for fishing.

  • Places to Fish with a Pen Fishing Rod

Pen fishing rod is perfect for fishing in the freshwater like on a lake, streams or river. Due to the short rod, the angler is limited to reaching, but you can ensure an enjoyable life with this pen rod fishing.

  • Various Types of Fishing

The coarse fishing is perfect for the mini fishing rod as smaller fish are already available there.
There are various types of fishing. These are:

  • Fly-fishing: this type of fishing occurs in rivers, lakes or reservoirs and here people catch game fish like trout.
  • Coarse fishing: this is the type of fishing done for the sport. This fishing is perfect in the still water or slows flowing river. Here, the freshwater fish like salmon are caught and returned to the water for larger growth.
  • Sea angling: in this type of fishing allow you to fish for flounders, bass, dogfish and cod.

Things to Look Out for the Pen Fishing Rods:

  • Check the material of the pen fishing rod. Otherwise, the rod made from the cheap material will break down soon.
  • Sometimes the cap in pen is so tight that while taking it off, the rod gets broken even before using it for fishing.
  • Though the fishing pole is lightweight, check it that it’ll work fine. Otherwise, while fishing, the rod will break down easily even for small size fish.
  • Check the eyelets of the rod. As if it’s not better, the casting will be poor.
  • The rod shouldn’t be so much weightless that it can’t grasp and take the load off the reel.
  • While buying, check that it’s not complicated to assemble.
  • The cap came to tight, so you could not take it off without breaking the rod itself.

Buying Advice for the Pen Fishing Rods

As you’re in search of the top pen fishing rods, so you need to know the buying advice so that you can take the final decision before buying the product.

  • Firstly, check the guarantees of the company that they offer for the particular product.
  • Sometimes you’ll notice shipping coupons or bonuses. So it would be great saving if you can obtain any bonus.
  • Always look for the best local shop from where people usually buy and has the good reputation of selling.
  • If you choose for online shop Amazon would be the best one to consider. This is because, at today’s time, it’s the trust-able online shop in the all over the world.

Final Thought

If you want to have fun with light fishing and don’t want to ruin it for wrong purchase, pick one of the good pen fishing rods that go with your budget. Otherwise, you’ve to regret the wrong investment. We’ve tried here to clear out all of your confusions and made the list of the best pen fishing rods with specific purposes.

From the full guide, now you know, what to consider and what to avoid. Thus, I hope it’ll help you and guide you to find out the best one out of all.